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ASVspoof 2021 Workshop

Workshop proceedings

Proceedings with the papers presented at the workshop are now available from the ISCA archive.


The ASVspoof 2021 Workshop, an official Interspeech 2021 satellite event,
will be held online in the form of a Zoom Webinar on September 16th, 2021.

All presentations will be live, not pre-recorded, and will be followed by a short slot for Q&As.
Workshop proceeding is available from the ISCA archive.


Participation is free of charge and open to all, but registration is mandatory:


September 16, Thursday


Japan China France NY
20:00 19:00 13:00 07:00 Welcome messages,
ASVspoof 2021 organiser

Héctor Delgado,
Md Sahidullah
20:05 19:05 13:05 07:05 End-to-end spectro-temporal graph attention networks for speaker verification anti spoofing and speech deepfake detection,
Hemlata Tak, Jee-Weon Jung, Jose Patino, Madhu Kamble, Massimiliano Todisco and Nicholas Evans
20:20 19:20 13:20 07:20 Multi-task learning in utterance-level and segmental-level spoof detection,
Lin Zhang, Xin Wang, Erica Cooper and Junichi Yamagishi
20:35 19:35 13:35 07:35 The DKU-CMRI system for the ASVspoof 2021 challenge: vocoder based replay channel response estimation,
Xingming Wang, Xiaoyi Qin, Ming Li, Tinglong Zhu, Chao Wang and Shilei Zhang
20:45 19:45 13:45 07:45 Additional Q&A time and break
21:00 20:00 14:00 08:00 Raw differentiable architecture search for deepfake and spoofing detection,
Wanying Ge, Jose Patino, Massimiliano Todisco and Nicholas Evans

Xuechen Liu,
Xin Wang
21:15 20:15 14:15 08:15 Known-unknown data augmentation strategies for detection of logical access,
physical access and speech deepfake attacks: ASVspoof 2021,
Rohan Kumar Das
21:25 20:25 14:25 08:25 Multiple-point input and time-inverted speech signal for the ASVspoof 2021 challenge,
Sunghyun Yoon and Ha-Jin Yu
21:35 20:35 14:35 08:35 Deep metric learning for replay detection,
Yuan Lei, Xiao Huo and Yuzong Jiao
21:45 20:45 14:45 08:45 Additional Q&A time and break
22:00 21:00 15:00 09:00 Challenge summary:
ASVspoof 2021: accelerating progress in spoofed and deepfake speech detection,
ASVspoof 2021 organisers

Nicholas Evans,
Tomi Kinnunen,
Junichi Yamagishi
22:30 21:30 15:30 09:30
Discussion and break
23:00 22:00 16:00 10:00 Speech is silver, silence is golden: what do ASVspoof-trained models really learn?,
Nicolas Müller, Franziska Dieckmann, Pavel Czempin, Roman Canals, Konstantin Böttinger and Jennifer Williams

Andreas Nautsch,
Massimiliano Todisco
23:15 22:15 16:15 10:15 STC antispoofing systems for the ASVspoof 2021 challenge,
Anton Tomilov, Aleksei Svishchev, Marina Volkova, Artem Chirkovskiy, Alexander Kondratev and Galina Lavrentyeva
23:25 22:25 16:25 10:25 The Biometric Vox system for the ASVspoof 2021 Challenge,
Joaquín Cáceres, Roberto Font, Teresa Grau and Javier Molina.
23:35 22:35 16:35 10:35 UR channel-robust synthetic speech detection system for ASVspoof 2021,
Xinhui Chen, You Zhang, Ge Zhu and Zhiyao Duan.
23:45 22:45 16:45 10:45 Additional Q&A time and break
00:00 23:00 17:00 11:00 Investigation on activation functions for robust end-to-end spoofing attack detection system,
Woo Hyun Kang, Jahangir Alam and Abderrahim Fathan

Kong Aik Lee,
Jose Patino
00:15 23:15 17:15 11:15 Pindrop labs' submission to the ASVspoof 2021 challenge,
Tianxiang Chen, Elie Khoury, Kedar Phatak and Ganesh Sivaraman
00:25 23:25 17:25 11:25 LARIHS ASSERT reassessment for logical access ASVspoof 2021 challenge,
Zhor Benhafid, Sid Ahmed Selouani, Mohammed Sidi Yakoub and Abderrahmane Amrouche.
00:35 23:35 17:35 11:35 CRIM's system description for the ASVspoof 2021 challenge,
Woo Hyun Kang, Jahangir Alam and Abderrahim Fathan
00:45 23:45 17:45 11:45 Additional Q&A time and closing remarks

Call for Papers

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Abstract registration deadline: July 16th,2021

Paper submission deadline: July 23th,2021

Date of the event: September 16th, 2021

Venue: fully online

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Héctor Delgado Nuance Communications Inc., Spain
Nicholas Evans EURECOM, France
Tomi Kinnunen University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Kong Aik Lee Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore
Xuechen Liu University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Andreas Nautsch EURECOM, France; now with, Germany
Jose Patino EURECOM, France
Md Sahidullah Inria, France
Massimiliano Todisco EURECOM, France
Xin Wang National Institute of Informatics, Japan
Junichi Yamagishi National Institute of Informatics, Japan

Scientific committee  

Jahangir Alam CRIM (Computer Research Institute of Montreal)
Eliathamby Ambikairajah The University of New South Wales
Jean-Francois Bonastre Université d'Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse
Erica Cooper National Institute of Informatics
Rohan Kumar Das National University of Singapore
Héctor Delgado Nuance Communications Inc.
Heinrich Dinkel Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Nicholas Evans EURECOM
Mauro Falcone Fondazione Ugo Bordoni
Kevin Farrell Nuance Communications Inc.
Benoit Fauve ValidSoft
Carmen Garcia-Mateo University of Vigo
Nikolay Gaubitch Pindrop
Ondrej Glembek Brno University of Technology
Rosa Gonzalez Hautamäki University of Eastern Finland
Cemal Hanilci Bursa Technical University
Liang He Tsinghua University
Javier Hernando Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Qingyang Hong Xiamen University
Chien-Lin Huang National Cheng Kung University
Artur Janicki Institute of Telecommunications - Warsaw University of Technology
Lauri Juvela Aalto University
Madhu Kamble EURECOM
Elie Khoury Pindrop
Tomi Kinnunen University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Pavel Korshunov Idiap
Takafumi Koshinaka Yokohama City University
Itshak Lapidot Afeka Tel-Aviv College of Engineering
Antony Larcher LIUM - Université du Maine
Galina Lavrentyeva ITMO University
Hung-Yi Lee National Taiwan University
Kong Aik Lee Institute for Infocomm Research
Ming Li Duke Kunshan University
Juan Ignacio Godino Llorente Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Khalid Malik Oakland University
Helen Meng The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Sergey Novoselov STC-innovations Ltd
Andreas Nautsch
Alfonso Ortega University of Zaragoza
Hemant Patil DA-IICT Gandhinagar
Jose Patino EURECOM
Dipjyoti Paul University of Crete
Antonio M. Peinado Dpto. Teoria de la señal telematica y comunicaciones - University of Granada
Wei Rao National University of Singapore
Douglas Reynolds Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Omid Sadjadi NIST
Md Sahidullah Inria
Sayaka Shiota Tokyo Metropolitan University
Konstantin Simonchik ID R&D Inc
Kaavya Sriskandaraja The University of New South Wales
Themos Stafylakis Omilia Conversational Intelligence
Massimiliano Todisco EURECOM
Amparo Varona University of the Basque Country
Jesus Antonio Villalba Johns Hopkins University
Anil Kumar Vuppala IIIT Hyderabad
Hsin-Min Wang Academia Sinica
Shuai Wang Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Xin Wang National Institute of Informatics
Jennifer Williams The University of Edinburgh
Junichi Yamagishi National Institute of Informatics
Hitoshi Yamamoto NEC