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the ASVspoof 2021 evaluation plan v0.4 is now available

See the ASVspoof 2021 results summary paper.

1st December

 Keys and metadata are now available: LA, PA and DF.

 16th September

 ASVspoof 2021 workshop proceedings are now available on the ISCA archive!

 3rd September

 ASVspoof 2021 workshop: technical program and registration now available!

 24th June

 paper submission platform is open. Click here to submit your paper!

 1st June

 CodaLab leaderboards online


 source code for 4 reproducible baselines (LFCC-GMM, CQCC-GMM, LFCC-LCNN, RawNet2) are available from


 challenge metric (tandem detection cost function) reference implementations


 28th May

 databases release via Zenodo


We are delighted to announce the 4th edition of the Automatic Speaker Verification Spoofing and Countermeasures. ASVspoof 2021 will be organised as a satellite event in conjunction with Interspeech 2021

ASVspoof 2021 will comprise three separate sub-challenges:

  • a logical access sub-challenge extending the 2019 challenge with a focus on robustness to channel variation;

  • a physical access sub-challenge similar to the 2019 setup, but with recordings made in real physical environments;

  • speech deepfake detection sub-challenge (no ASV).

While no new training and no new development data will be released, new evaluation data will be released for each of the three conditions.

Participants will be encouraged to prepare their own training and development data by using ASVspoof 2019 training and development subsets and data augmentation techniques, e.g. to simulate channel variability. The challenge evaluation plan will be released in the first quarter of 2021, with a submission deadline in the second quarter.


List of organisers (alphabetical)

Héctor Delgado, Nuance Communications Inc., Spain
Nicholas Evans, EURECOM, France
Tomi Kinnunen, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Kong Aik Lee, Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore
Xuechen Liu, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Andreas Nautsch, EURECOM, France
Jose Patino, EURECOM, France
Md Sahidullah, Inria, France
Massimiliano Todisco, EURECOM, France
Xin Wang, National Institute of Informatics, Japan
Junichi Yamagishi, National Institute of Informatics, Japan


Funding agencies 

Academy of Finland Agence Nationale de la Recherche Japan Science and Technology Agency